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 The Congress is the supreme authority for the running of the game of football in Nigeria. It is made up of all the major stakeholders in the game within the country and meets once a year at an Annual General Assembly.


Over the years, the Annual General Assembly of the Nigeria Football Federation has become a much more colourful event, keenly –followed by the world media and football family and much more eagerly –anticipated.


The Congress is made up of 88 (Eighty -eight) Members, including the Chairmen of all 36 State Football Associations and the Federal Capital Territory, Secretaries of all 36 State Football Associations and the Federal Capital Territory, Chairmen and Secretaries of all the Leagues (Premier League, National League, Women League and Nationwide League), as well as Chairmen and Secretaries of the Nigeria Referees Association, the Nigeria Football Coaches Association and the Players’ Union.


Directly below the Congress in the order of authority is the NFF Executive Committee, the NFF President and the Secretariat that implements the policies of the Federation.



The main objectives of the Nigeria Football Federation is to constantly promote, regulate and control the game of football throughout the territory of Nigeria, in the light of football’s unifying values of education, cutlure and humanitarianism. Broadly, the functions of the NFF are inclusive of the following:

. Encourage the development of all forms of amateur and professional football in Nigeria.

. Organize League and other matches for professional and amateur Clubs in co-operation with respective bodies recognized by the Federation.

. Organize the participation of Nigerian Clubs in international competitions.

. Provide, in co-operation with other bodies, adequate training for its employees and various personnel who may be involved in the administration and organization of League matches and its activities, with a view to improving the standard of football administration and organization.

. Determine such areas of League activities to be commercialized, in order to earn income for the League, the professional players, professional Clubs and the Federation.

. Organize and regulate the activities of the Nigeria Referees Association (NRA) and grant annual licenses to persons taken to be Members of the NRA, to enhance the status of football referees.

. Organize and grant annual licenses to persons taken to be Members of the Nigeria Coaches Association

. Determine from time to time, in the interest of the nation, the international bodies to which the Federation may affiliate.

. Set up or recognize such subsidiary bodies to assist the Board in the performance of its functions under the Statutes.

. Set up standing/ad-hoc committees as the Board may consider necessary to enable it perform its functions.

. Find ways and means of ensuring the security and safety of football fans and participants generally

. Identify sources of funding the game of football in the country.

. Encourage the participation of Nigerian youths in the game of football.

. Carry out such other functions as the Congress or Board may determine.